The graduation day

Today is a very important day to me. Why do I say that? Because it’s the day of my university graduation. My parents got here very early, at about 6:30 am. They looked very tired but happy. We arrived at my University ( at about 8:30 am.
While I was waiting for my time, I took a lot of photos with my family and my friends. All of my friends looked very happy and excited.
Oh, my friend! You made me surprised, Chinh. You came with a very beautiful bunch of roses for me. The photos of us are very beautiful. I’ll send you, my friend. Thank you very much for your consideration towards me.

Wow, A.Quang (RDC PM) also came to congratulate us on our graduation and to share the feelings of happiness with us. I took a photo with him, but (hic) the photo is not as good as I expected. I blinked my eyes on being captured. What a pity!

My room’s members (Quan, Ha), thank you very much for your arrival.
Who else? Let me see. Van and Tram, thank you very much for your showing up with me. The photos of us are very great. Let me send you later after I have been ready.
After taking a lot of photos, we (Son and his family; Thi and his family; my family and I) had lunch together. We were so excited that we didn’t feel tired although we had walked a lot.
This is, perhaps, one of the happiest days of my life. I, once more, send my thanks to all of those who were with me today and who sent messages to congratulate me. Thank Mom, Dad and Phuong. Congratulation to all the new engineers. Have a nice weekend!

4 thoughts on “The graduation day

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  1. Cam on Yen nhieu. Yen dao nay the nao roi? Khoe chu, dang di lam o dau? Nghe noi ban dem con di hoc anh van nua phai khong? Sieng ghe ta. Chuc Yen thanh cong tren con duong hoc van cung nhu tren duong doi!

  2. Thank you very much! Hihi, em yen tam di. Neu khong ai den chuc mung em thi nho ba’o cho anh biet nhe, de anh con den chuc mung em nua. Du`a chut thoi, so*. hom do gia di`nh, ban be` em de’n dong qua’ truong kho^ng du? cho^~ chu’a tho^i. Chuc em thanh cong!

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