My wonderful time

My first impression on her is that she’s very lovely and unaffected. I love her face, on which smiles always appear. This really attracts me. We, in my opinion, are very happy on talking to each other. She asked me to teach her how to communicate in English and I accepted her suggestion just because I like being with her. The feelings on staying with her are so wonderful that I don’t know how to describe. I only know that I am very happy at these times. We often meet twice or three times a week. On these occasions, we talk about our work, our friends, our ambitions, our hobbies,… in a very informal atmosphere.

Our relationship becomes better and better. I don’t know what she is thinking at the moment but I am sure that she will agree with me about this. Today, she had a headache so she wanted to meet me earlier than we had planned. She and I, in turn, told funny stories which made us feel comfortable. She talked a lot about her country, her family and her work. I was very happy and so was she (I think).

Next week, maybe I will be busy with my new part-time job as an English lecturer but I’ll try my best to meet her. Because I love the time of being beside her.

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