feelings of being a toastmaster

I have joined Toastmaster club for more than one month. This is a good place for me to improve my communication skills. After taking a lot of roles (Table tonic, Table topic, Evaluator), today, I took the role of Toastmaster (similar to MC, the person who controls the meeting) for the Toastmaster’s weekly meeting. I have prepared for nearly a week. It’s not easy at all. A lot of things to do. First of all, I had to contact all Speakers, Table topic, Table Tonic to make sure that they had prepared their speeches and were ready for the meeting. I had to make sure that the 3 evaluators had received their speakers’ topics. After that, I reminded them of joining the dry-run meeting, and then the official meeting. The most important thing was to prepare what to say during the meeting. Wow, not easy!

“Tired but happy”, that’s my answer for the question: “How do you feel today?”. Today, a lot of my friends joined the meeting to encourage me, which made me really happy. At last, I could complete my task successfully although I still had some mistakes during the speech. However, I could get a lot of experience after this meeting. I have known what to prepare for the meeting and now I can do it on my own . It is good enough for the first time. (The image above is just for illustration)

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