Good things for each other

We have been sweethearts for two years. We have had all feelings including happiness, sadness, agreement and disagreement…Once, we seriously argued and got angry with each other for a long time and none of us admitted being faulty. We even wanted to separate.

Then he asked me: “Let’s calm down! Each of us should write bad things about each other in a piece of paper. We, then, exchange them and have a mediation to decide if we can reconnect.”

I was really mad so I stared writing for more than 15 minutes. I wrote bad things that I had had to bear for two years. These fully filled my paper. I had to let him know how much I was angry with him.

And then, we exchanged the papers.

Never had I been so ashamed as this time. I just wanted to snatch my paper from his hand but I was not allowed to do that. I burst into tears because his paper was fully filled with: “I love you”. And so far, we haven’t got angry with each other.

Translated by Truc Ha.

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