My birthday – May 29

After a day of raining cats and dogs, the sky was blue and clear today. I got up early, intending to have my motorbike washed because it was too dirty due to the long way from my countryside to HCMC. While I was waiting for it, I had a glass of coffee at a nearby coffee shop, at which I met a friend of mine drinking coffee. We talked to each other for a while and then I went to my company.
As everyday, I checked mails first. Wow, to my surprise, I received a lot of mails greeting me on my birthday. Terrific! Never had I received such a lot of mails on my birthday as this time. Then, in the afternoon, we, the team members, together had some pizza, which made us get closer and closer.
It’s very wonderful to work in a place at which people are friendly and considerate like this place. Wherever I work, never will I forget this moment. I, once more, would like to send my thanks to all of my colleagues and friends who reserved good things and wishes for me. Thank you very much for your consideration.

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