A passage to the heart

In having worked with hundreds of people in discovering the experience of self love, I’ve concluded that there is a physical location where self love resides and is felt. A person can connect with the experience of self love at any time if the passage to this location is fully open. This location is the heart. If the passage to the heart is blocked, no authentic experience of your self and love for your self can be experienced.

So, what is this passage filled with that you can’t get to the experience of this love ?

This passage is filled with the pain from the years of denying your own self expression. This passage is filled with the pain of not having been your self, but instead being what others and society dictated you to be. And you, immediately responding to the dictates in order to be accepted and loved by your family, peers and society, closed down your authentic and natural self expression. This passage is filled with the inner yearning to just be your self and with the hopelessness of it never seeming possible. This passage holds the horror of living a future of being roles and acts that are not you. It holds the grief of never being your self and the sadness of no longer even knowing who you are. This passage is filled with every moment and every instant you knew what action to take and what words to speak and you held back in order to please others.

There is no way to fully experience love and honor for your self and others until this passage to the heart is cleaned out. The cleaning out becomes very simple once the commitment to love yourself, no matter what, is present. The process of cleaning out then becomes effortless. When the process of cleaning out is completed or close to completion, the love begins to radiate. The fulfillment of life and of being your self begins to instill itself within you. The full experience of loving your self will be the closest experience of God’s presence that is available for you every moment of your life. The possibility of this happening for you begins the moment you fully commit to love your self, live true to your self, and fully allow and express your natural and authentic self.

2 thoughts on “A passage to the heart

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  1. my english is bsd, i only understand some comment
    however, thank you verry much about this (the love,the life)
    vay la anh o cung we voi Truc Linh nazy roi, vay Tien Giang ma o khuc nao vay?
    Linh o gan Cho Tan Hiep, cua chau thanh do….

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