Making friends

Every person is different, knows different things, acts differently, does different things, and you wonder how we all get along? Well, some of us do get along with everyone, some people don’t get along with many people. Some people need encouragement and some people need advice and some people need compliments. Everyone enjoys all of those things. If you want to be a realtor, and someone says that you could be a realtor. Chances are, you might just be a realtor. Everyone just needs a little encouragement. Ok great, all things you already know.

Let’s talk about work and fun. If you are in college and you are studying that’s work. If you are writing, that’s work. If you are talking with someone, that’s work. You may think, how is hanging out with my friends work? Well you are talking, when you could be writing, and talking and writing are the same things. You are also learning, everyone can help you with different kinds of advice. You can’t really control other people, you can only try and control yourself. You can give the best advice you can for your friends, but that’s about it.

In college everyone has friends. They are surrounded by friends all the time. It’s so easy to make friends in college. College is FOR friends and degrees of course. When you are out of college, you have find other ways to make friends. You can’t really meet friends in your work, well, you CAN, but you generally want meet friends of the opposite sex that you may want to marry. So then you have find other places to hang out at. Such as starbucks or the beach or wherever is cool place for you to spend your time with others. You can meet close friends at work or whever you want to meet them. Also when you go out in public, it’s much easier to meet people if you already have a friend or friends with you. Although you can meet people alone, it just takes more time.

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