True love

In most cases we think: this is true love, when in fact it’s not. But than if this ain’t love than what it is? There are plenty of things that we confuse with love.

It could be just the basic instinct. The feelings can be passionate and crazy, but in fact both people may want only sex. And after it all the misunderstanding starts, and once infatuated lovers will find out that they have nothing in common and sometimes they don’t even know what to talk with each other.

Another variant is when people lack support, care and attention to their person or they just scared to stay single. Being with someone can be a habit when one simply got used to the other. It can either be a sick addiction or some self-interest. People call all these types of relationship love just by mistake or trying to conceal the true nature of it.

But than what does real love look and feel like? Maybe it’s when two people seem to know each other for ages and even in their previous lives. They can go on talking and talking and conversation never lacks topics and never gets dull. Or people don’t have to say anything because they understand each other without words. And those moments, minutes and even hours of silence are never uncomfortable. True love is when partners complete one another, when they’re together it’s peaceful, the whole other world with it’s sufferings and problems doesn’t exist and nothing even matters.

2 thoughts on “True love

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  1. day la nhung suy nghi cua a ah??
    Theo em thi a noi dung do, nhung cai tinh yeu dich thuc o fia sau la rat dung. The a da y duoc nhieu chua hay la nguoi yeu duoc hanh phuc ma co duoc cam nhan nhu hte ?????/

  2. Em ah,
    Cam on ve cau hoi cua em. Yeu nhieu hay yeu it khong quan trong ma quan trong la cach ma chung ta cam nhan tinh yeu. Tinh yeu cung co huong vi va nhip dieu rieng cua no, neu ta biet cam nhan va lang nghe thi du chua yeu nhieu chung ta cung co the hoa hop duoc voi no va tan huong nhung gi ngot ngao nhat ma tinh yeu mang lai. Chuc em thanh cong trong cuoc song!

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