English discussion!

Hi all,

After having thought carefully, I decide to change my blog to a place where we can discuss English tips and tricks as well as exchange our knowledge of English. I hope that this is a good place for us to improve our skills of English.

And here is the topic for us to discuss this time:

Given that today is Wednesday (June 20, 2007), “next Friday” is June 22, 2007 or June 29, 2007?


– Discussions here are for the truth, so please feel free to show us your ideas. Thank you very much for your cooperation. Have a good time.

– A topic will be closed when a correct or most reasonable result is reached. In addition, there will be an announcement by me on closing the topic.
– If you have any problem with English, please send me a mail. I’ll post your problem to my blog for discussion.
Thank you very much for your cooperation. Have a good time!

9 thoughts on “English discussion!

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  1. June 29! lol. Good to see you spreading your knowledge to everyone. Keep it up…who know who might tumble upon your page and learn something new.

  2. Right! Next Friday in this situation is June 29. Next Friday here means Friday of the following week. It is similar to other days of a week. Have a good time!

  3. Chao Truc. Nho Huyen khong? Hom nay vao tham blog cua Nguyen thay co blog cua Truc. Xem hinh nhu nhin thay nguoi vay. Vui ghe do. Co ve rat hoan hi va tu hao ve ban than phai khong? Chuc Truc luon vui va thanh cong nha.

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