“every day” vs.”everyday”

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Differences between “every day” and “everyday”

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  1. These are two words that are often confused by people. When used as two words, it means daily. Here are a few examples.

    * Why should I have a bath every day?

    * There’s no need for you to call him every day.

    * The children play tennis every day.

    “Everyday”, on the other hand, is normally used as an adjective. It is used to mean common or ordinary. Here are a few examples.

    * Traffic is an everyday problem in our city.

    * These are my everyday clothes.

    * Sweeping, dusting, and mopping are part of her everyday routine.

    Use “everyday” before a noun.

  2. This is ur blog so feel free to give us a new topic.I think grammar is rather boring. Why don’t we try some new simple topic like “What do you do when u have free time”, or “what’s ur favorite?” and etc

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