Viet Nam: Nation and People

Hi visitors,

I have found that most of you seem to be uninterested in the agenda of “English discussion”. That’s the reason why the there have been few visitors dropping by and few comments posted on to my blog recently. As the blog owner, I can’t stand still. Therefore, after having thought carefully, I decide to change my topic to “Viet Nam: Nation and People” with the hope that it can inspire those who visit my blog and that the image of Viet Nam can be transferred to people from all over the world.

I first start with some overview information on Viet Nam Nation and People and then I will come across some features, such as: people, beautiful sites, foods, drinks, culture, …

Please be kindly aware that information here is not absolutely my own one. I just collect information from the internet and modify it into a form that’s easy for you to absorb. Some of it may come from my own travel. Any information on this topic from you is welcome. Thank you very much for your paying attention.

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