Halloween party on Oct 30, 2007

As you know, Lab3Toastmaster club is not only a good environment for us to improve our English, communication skills but also a good place for us to make friends and to relax after hard-working days. Of this spirit, outdoor activities are one of its indispensable parts. Halloween party, taking place on Oct 30,therefore, marked a very successful beginning of our club’s outdoor activities. On behalf of the leadership board, I would like to send my thanks to the BOD for supporting the club, to all the members and guests who have contributed a lot to the success of the party as well as the club.

The party took place at 6:30 a.m on Oct 30, 2007 on Nhat Chi Mai street, near the E-town2 block. Jimmy Ha, the Toastmaster of that day, started the party with a funny story, which helped everybody really relaxed.

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The Toastmaster: Jimmy Ha

After that Nguyen Nguyen introduced some information on Halloween Day. Everyone was attracted by his very native accent as well as the useful information he gave us. While listening to him, we enjoyed the food (some snacks, biscuits, bread,…) and drink.

After that, we continued with the first game of the day: “if-then” game. The game was handled by Phuong Bui. In this game, the audience was divided into 2 small groups: “if” group and “then” group. Each member of “if” group was asked to write down an if clause. Similarly, each member of “then” group was asked to write down a then clause. Finally, the if clauses and then clauses were randomly put together, which created a lot of funny sentences. The game was really interesting thanks to Phuong Bui’s talent and sense of humor.

The 1st game handler: Phuong Bui

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will be continued

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  1. Waoooo, After I read your Halloween Party entry, I was very glad and interested about this club. I also want to try once to this club but… may be I can’t. However, after I read this entry, I have felt that Halloween is also a happy festival to everybody! Have a nice day!

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