Taiwan’s landscapes

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It seems to be a long time that I have been too busy to take care of my blog . I, now, have just come back to Viet Nam from Taiwan with lots of pictures of some beautiful landscapes that I’d like to share with you all.

At the top of the world.

Towering high in the clouds, Taipei 101 presents a magnificent and illusory sight, disappearing in the mist and reemerging again into the blue. At 508 meters, it is the highest building on earth, putting Taipei, as well, at the top of the world.

Figure 1: The Taipei 101

Business, shopping, fine dining and recreation come together at the world’s highest building – Taipei 101. Since the opening of the mall in 2003 and office tower in 2004, Taipei 101 has quickly become an internationally renowned Taipei landmark and visitor magnet.

Taipei 101 is situated in the heart of Taipei’s financial center. It soars 508 meters high and has 101 floors above ground and five below. Designed by C.Y Lee with a team of local and international experts, the building is divided into eight sections of eight floors each between the 27th and 90th floors, each tilting out at a seven-degree angle. The eight-eight theme is considered auspicious since “eight” is a homophone of the word for “earn fortune” in Chinese. The facade is plated in highly transparent and heat-insulating curtain glass to reduce light harm and save energy. The multiple-joint design of the building, along with the four “copper-coin” circles on the 26th floor not only represent the spirit of rising steadily higher, but also add a traditional Chinese touch to the modern building design.

Taipei 101 is also an engineering marvel. wind and seismic sway are minimized with the help of three enormous tuned mass dampers, each measuring 5.5 meters in diameter and weighing in at 660 metric tons. The dampers can even be viewed by the public from the 89th floor observatory.

Figure 2: The damper

Lower down, the Taipei 101 Mall invites shoppers into the world of brand boutiques, an upscale grocery store, food court and fine restaurants. The tower also boasts two of the word’s fastest elevators, whizzing up to a speed of 1010 meters per minute to complete the climb to the 89th floor observatory in just 37 seconds. From the observatory and outdoor counterpart two floors up you can look out across all of Taipei. Day or night, the view will make you feel on the top of the world.

Figure 3: Wine store

Figure 4: Looking down from the 1st floor

Figure 5: From the 89th floor

Figure 6: Taipei from the 89th floor

Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market is the biggest night market in Taipei, with hundreds of shops congregated across from the MRT Jiantan Station and along Wenlin, Dadong and Danan roads. A combination of novel products, huge selection of snacks and convenient transportation links made this a landmark spot for late-night snacking in Taipei.

Figure 7: Shilin Night Market overview

Shilin Night Market traces its roots back to a farmers’ market established in 1909 in the triangular area defined by Yang Ming Theater, Cixian Temple, and Jihe Road. Due to its proximity to a ferry terminal on the Keelung River, the area became a center for trading local agricultural goods, with much of the activity concentrated at the front court area of Cixian Temple on Danan Road. Over time, the market’s fortunes ebbed with the declining ferry traffic and the area evolved into a night market. In October 2002, the city government began dismantling the aging market facilities for sanitation reasons. All of the buildings were torn down, with the exception of a brick building dating back to the Japanese occupation period, and the stalls were relocated to a temporary building across from the MRT Jiantan Station. The new market, along with the jumble of shops on the adjacent streets, continues to be a major visitor magnet.

Shilin Night Market is famous for a number of traditional snacks including the market’s signature “little rolls wrapped in big rolls”, “frog egg” tapioca balls, and squid soup.

Figure 8: Selling food

Figure 9: Enjoying some food

Figure 10: Clothes shopping area

Figure 11: A clothes shop

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  1. hey jimmy Ha,i was wonder something about Taiwan and i would like to visit there in next year,Can you told to me some interested and How’s flight and cost?…thanks

  2. Hi Sandy,
    Thank you very much for your interest in my entry. The two places I introduced maybe are the most famous places in Taiwan. Taking MRT (Metro System), you can visit most of landmarks in Taipei city.Regarding the ticket price, I don’t know exactly because I was supported by my company. Perhaps, one return economy ticket is around $500. Have a good time!

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