Desire For Success By Michael Obi

Desire has been identified by psychologists as the first ingredient for success in any endeavor. A Greek philosopher, whose student approached to teach him how to acquire wisdom fast was said to have taken the student to a river. The teacher then held the student’s head and pushed it down into the water until he, student, almost choked to death. When the philosopher let go, he explained to the baffled student that the desire for wisdom must be as strong as the desire for air.


Success in life must not be left to chance or luck. If you cast your mind back to those things you have achieved such as your educational qualification, job, car, home or spouse; all started out as seeds of desire sown within you. However, desire must be complemented with belief because eminent psychologists have maintained that “whatever the mind of man conceives and believes it can achieve”. If you desire something and strongly believe it, your brain is said to become magnetized with thoughts associated with this desire you hold in mind. It is only a matter of time for this to materialize and become visible.

What you desire can only become a reality when you mentally see, feel and believe that which you seek. The mind behaves like a camera, merciless in its operation as it does not distinguish between good desire and bad or evil desire. Once the mind has photographed the desire registered on it, the message is passed down from the conscious mind to the subconscious where it is acted upon in a most mysterious manner no man can fathom. Bringing about reality becomes a matter of time from there on.

The issue of belief is very important in the matter of attaining success. Your desire cannot be out of proportion with your belief. For instance, if you desire to become the President or prime Minister of your country and you do not believe down deep inside that it is possible; you might as well forget your desire. You have failed even before you start. What you desire must be what you believe because what you conceive and believe is what you can achieve. Most psychologists have agreed on this.

Desire is an emotion that can be transformed into energy for positive or negative ends. The high fliers in our midst are those who have channeled this energy generated by desire into productive use, making positive strides by way of individual achievements admired by people around. The energy generated by desire can be so strong that an individual can continue striving or struggling far beyond his normal limits. For instance, think of the student who is due to take a final or elimination examination the next day. The last thing to attract the student would be his warm cozy bed, because sleep becomes some form of luxury to him. He is now obsessed with the desire for success.

Let me dwell a bit more on obsession. For desire to usher in success, it must become an obsession of some sort. You must be as obsessed as one Edwin Barnes, who appeared at the famous Thomas Edison’s laboratory in New Jersey, USA, asking to be the inventor’s partner. Barnes looked like a tramp because of his crumpled clothing, the result of a long railroad trip. In spite of this, his desire glowed like fire. This attitude won him a job with Edison initially, until later when Barnes was to successfully market a new machine made by the inventor, which no sales man wanted to test. Because of his tenacity, Barnes later retired a very wealthy young man.

What is it you wish most today? Reflect on it and then begin to desire it very deeply. Think about it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Try this simple experiment for the next 30 days and the results will amaze you.


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