The Secret Law Of Attraction Explained

Law of Attraction is a part of the Universal Laws. We are living in the Universe where everything happens for reasons. Our Universe has been designed together with certain laws to function properly. Just imagine world without Universal Laws, everything would be mess. In this post, I’m going to give simplified explanation about an important Universal Law, the Law of Attraction. It’s also referred to as The Secret or LOA.

We are living in the Universe and we cannot escape from the Universal Laws, especially the Law of Attraction. We cannot stop it from working and it’s already existed even before us. Law of Attraction has already been programmed. It has own formula and always gives accurate results.

We cannot control the Law of Attraction; however, we can influence the outcomes or results the Law of Attraction brings. Just like the way we operate the computer, the output we receive will be determined based on our input. The input is the world within (the internal) and the output is the world without (the external). During the printing process, the hard copy document will follow the soft copy document. You cannot change the soft copy by modifying the hard copy. However, if you modify the soft copy and print it out again, the new hard copy will follow the modified soft copy. If you force yourself modifying the hard copy (in the first place), the documents will no longer look perfect; though you work hard on making the changes. It’s the same with the Law of Attraction.

Since the Law of Attraction has already been programmed, it does not indulge in thinking or reasoning. It only executes the power to manifest the particular thing in our life. So how does Law of Attraction decide what to manifest? It decides based on the idea or imagination we form in our mind. Law of Attraction does not know what’s good or bad, negative or positive. Just like the computer and the internet. It just gives us what we ask for. Every time we operate certain program, there will be command line executed.

The thoughts we had in our mind will be sent to the Universe. It’s not only thoughts but together with our imaginations and feelings. Our feelings increase the vibration of the energy generated from our imaginations. That’s the reason Law of Attraction experts advice us to add emotions while we are visualizing. The higher the energy vibrates, the higher the chance it has to manifest.

Quantum Physics proved everything is energy and energy cannot be destroyed or created; they can only be transformed from one form to another. The Universe constantly receives energy generated from our imagination and emotion. The Universe will transform them into physical form (which is purely made of the same thing, energy) and the Law of Attraction will bring it to us.

The Law of Attraction does not know what exists or does not exist. It assumes the imagination from our mind same with the way we perceive our reality. Then, Law of Attraction returns back the more of the same to us. So, our life condition and all our possession are direct reflection of our own mind.

The Law of Attraction does not care whether an intention is good or bad. Neither does it care about the person attracting it, Law of Attraction just delivers. That’s why we should master the Law of Attraction. We deserve to be happy and reach our highest potential. That’s the intention Rhonda Byrne produced The Secret. With the same intention, I learn and share knowledge about the Law of Attraction.


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  1. it is so true. heard that saying “get your mind out of the gutter”. basically if you think positive and view obstacles as building blocks your view on life will be much easier. if you like to read how to use the law of attraction in three easy steps please visit my blog. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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