British culture

Hi all, What came first: language or culture? On the one hand, language seems to be woven into the very fabric of every human culture; and to such an extent that it is hard to imagine what human culture would be like without language. Indeed, most myths about the origin of humanity – whether religious... Continue Reading →

Job vs. career

Hi all, Do you know the difference between a "job" and a "career"? According to the dictionary, a "job" is defined as "a paid position of employment and something one has to do, a responsibility." Interestingly enough, the root word for "job" is, humorously, an Old English word that means "a lump". The reference is... Continue Reading →

“every day” vs.”everyday”

Hi all, Let me take this opportunity to send my thanks to all of those who have visited my blog and given me useful suggestions . Those who are interested in learning English and improving English skills, please contact me (via this mail: so that we can have a plan to organize our own... Continue Reading →

Each vs. Every

Hi everybody, Topic this time: What are the differences between "Each" and "Every"? I am looking forward to hearing from you. Have a nice week!

English discussion!

Hi all, After having thought carefully, I decide to change my blog to a place where we can discuss English tips and tricks as well as exchange our knowledge of English. I hope that this is a good place for us to improve our skills of English. And here is the topic for us to... Continue Reading →

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