Functional Foods

The term "functional foods" refers to foods and their components that may provide a health benefit beyond basic nutrition. Functional foods do more than meet minimum daily nutrient requirements—they also can play a role in reducing the risk of disease and promoting good health. Biologically active components in functional foods impart health benefits or desirable... Continue Reading →

True love

In most cases we think: this is true love, when in fact it’s not. But than if this ain’t love than what it is? There are plenty of things that we confuse with love. It could be just the basic instinct. The feelings can be passionate and crazy, but in fact both people may want... Continue Reading →

Making friends

Every person is different, knows different things, acts differently, does different things, and you wonder how we all get along? Well, some of us do get along with everyone, some people don't get along with many people. Some people need encouragement and some people need advice and some people need compliments. Everyone enjoys all of... Continue Reading →

Building good friendships

1. Appreciate Good Qualities. When we appreciate other people's good qualities we strengthen them. When we appreciate their good qualities, we avoid feelings of jealousy, we help to make these qualities part of ourselves. Admiring the good attributes of others, is also one of the best ways to inspire our friends. Our friends will definitely... Continue Reading →

A passage to the heart

In having worked with hundreds of people in discovering the experience of self love, I've concluded that there is a physical location where self love resides and is felt. A person can connect with the experience of self love at any time if the passage to this location is fully open. This location is the... Continue Reading →

My birthday – May 29

After a day of raining cats and dogs, the sky was blue and clear today. I got up early, intending to have my motorbike washed because it was too dirty due to the long way from my countryside to HCMC. While I was waiting for it, I had a glass of coffee at a nearby... Continue Reading →

Good things for each other

We have been sweethearts for two years. We have had all feelings including happiness, sadness, agreement and disagreement...Once, we seriously argued and got angry with each other for a long time and none of us admitted being faulty. We even wanted to separate. Then he asked me: "Let's calm down! Each of us should write... Continue Reading →

Sit together

I've just had a party with my best friends (Tam, Thi, Son). We used to study together at Thi's house. We sometimes studied over night for incoming exams. After these occasions, our relationship became better and better. I wish all of us would be successful in our work and our lives!

Entry for February 05, 2007

The History of Valentine's Day Every February, across the country, candy, flowers, and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. But who is this mysterious saint and why do we celebrate this holiday? The history of Valentine's Day -- and its patron saint -- is shrouded in mystery. But... Continue Reading →

The poem “Doi dep”

Here is a good poem I've collected. I hope you all are happy on reading this. Please show your consideration for what belong to you before you lose them. Đôi dép Bài thơ đầu anh viết tặng em Là bài thơ anh kể về đôi dép Khi nổi nhớ ở trong lòng da diết Những... Continue Reading →

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